Exploring Creativity: What Drives us to Create?

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Why do we create?


Somebody once said the definition of an artist is anybody who walks through the world saying don't erase me... 

Hearing that definition on the Big Magic podcast the other day made me think of my own reasons for creating, why as an artist, I choose to create, why do I bother, why do I care? After a long pause, I figured that I have a deep need to be seen, I need you to know that I'm here, that I exist and that I made something that will serve as proof of my existence on this plane.

I also posed that question to my friends on social media and here is what they said:

"Creating is freedom. It’s in the moment, the mood, the movement, the energy. True freedom and expression can’t be repeated, making each piece unique." - @fink.22

In Sam's case, I believe it's that elusive feeling of being in the zone or as they call it, the flow state, it's that feeling you get when you are so immersed in what you are doing that time can pass by while you are completely absorbed and taken over by the task you are doing. I know that state, I have probably made my best work in that state.

"To discover more about myself, to incentivize my child to develop his creativity." - said @katefuenmayor 

As a mother and a creative herself, she has that urge to show her child what is possible for him, what he can achieve, that he shouldn't be intimidated by art or any creative task. A feeling I relate to, growing up many of us where told that only the talented can paint. It is a belief that I fought all my life, and make sure my own children know that it's a false belief. Creating in front of your children or anyone for that matter gives them the permission and the confidence to create themselves.

"To find the other half of me, to hear the internal voice, to be guided by creativity and intuition." - @nawallmasri 

For Nawal, who I had the pleasure to paint with, creating is a calling, she's called to make, paint and to speak her truth through this medium. A higher purpose.

Last but not least, @Anna.tangles sums it all up in her statement:  "It’s an escape, a way to stay sane and it’s so freeing! Through that process it also opens up things you didn’t know about yourself. I love that my kids watch what I’m doing and love to be involved, and hope one day they can benefit and add creativity in their lives, then I’ll be satisfied I’ve left my mark somehow!"

In a nutshell, it's a process of self discovery and finding out what a person is capable of achieving. A place where you feel free, the flow state gives you that. A mental state of sanity (which is debatable). An escape from routine. A mother's instinctive need to inspire and allow her children to find their passion. And the one I relate to the most: LEAVING A MARK. A proof of my existence. Saying it out loud in oil, acrylic, ink, on canvas or on paper: "Don't erase me..."


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