Paint with me

In our culture, we tend to believe that unless we have “talent,” we should stop singing, dancing, drawing, or doing any other creative endeavor in which we do not possess particular “skill.” 
We start to think of ourselves as “not creative,” and focus more on words and logic in everything!! Part of my mission as an artist is to help people discover that they don’t need special skill or talent in order to enjoy and benefit from the arts

I am offering one on one sessions of free flowing painting where you get to explore your creativity.

What: 2 hour long session of free flowing art - Material included
Where: My studio space at Kave - Warehouse 20 - Al Serkal avenue
How: We paint together, all material included and you go home with a 60x90cm canvas
When: Check this calendar link to book a spot

Remember that this session is not a workshop and I will not be “teaching” instead we will be working together and creating in a fun relaxed environment :)
I am so looking forward to see what we will create!
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!